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Common Questions:

  • Why was my Visa application refused but my friend got his approved?
  • I did everything right, but they still refused my application, why?
  • Why didn’t the visa officer contact me, if they needed more clarification, instead of refusing my application?
  • Should I submit a new application? What are my options?
  • I, for sure know, it’s the processing officer’s fault, not mine. How to go about it?

All these questions or doubts are absolutely legitimate upon receiving that dreadful refusal letter.

Let’s hit the nail on the head, the primary job of Visa processing officers is not to refuse Visas, rather it is to approve applications, but they authorise an applicant to enter Canada only after screening each and every aspect of the application with utmost scrutiny. To pass this test or to establish their eligibility and admissibility requirement to enter Canada, the onus in on the applicant to make sure that they submit a truthful, complete, eligible and a timely application. (Let our team at Avant-garde immigration take care of that for you, as prevention is better than cure)

This doesn’t mean that every refusal is due to applicant’s fault, seldom the decision of Processing officer can also be erred.

One of the primary elements of Procedural Fairness is “The Right to Reasons” which states that the applicant has the right to understand the basis of the decision made on the application.

Every refusal letter clearly states the reason behind the refusal and the options that the applicant has from there on.

This is where our expertise at Avant-garde immigration come in play. We strongly recommend not to re-apply for a refused application until and unless we can address all the refusal reasons and add additional documents and arguments that would make the application stronger.

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