“Family re-unification is one of the three pillars on which the Canadian immigration system stands tall”

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If you are a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident, 18 years or older, you have the privilege of sponsoring certain family member to Canada. The sponsored family members get a Permanent resident status which entitles them to live, work or study in Canada.

General Application Process

** For each Family class member there may or may not be additional steps in the application process**

Sponsorship application is a two-fold process:

  • The first step is to be accepted as a legitimate and qualifying Sponsor -: A sponsor’s application is processed and assessed by an officer in Canada at Case Processing Centre—Mississauga (CPC-M).
  • The second step is to be accepted as a legitimate and qualifying principal applicant -: A principal applicant’s application is processed and assessed by a visa officer abroad or by exception, an officer in Canada.
  • Once both the sponsor’s and the principal applicant’s applications are successfully approved, only then the foreign national receives the Permanent Resident status.

What restricts you from being a Sponsor:

  • If you are receiving social assistance for a reason other than disability.
  • If you are ln default of any prior undertaking.
  • If you have an unpaid Immigration loan, in default of a bond or a defaulter under a child or spousal support payment obligation.
  • If you are not discharged off a bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy and insolvency Act.
  • If you are Subject to a removal order
  • If you have been convicted of an offence of sexual nature or an offence that resulted in bodily harm to a relative.
  • If you are detained in any penitentiary, jail, reformatory or prison.
  • If you did not include the relative to sponsor on your own PR application.
  • If you have previously sponsored a spouse, common- law partner or conjugal partner who became a PR less than 3 years ago.
  • If you were previously sponsored as a spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and became PR less than 5 years ago.
Length of Undertakings
Sponsored Person
Length (After becoming a Permanent Resident)
Spouse, common-law partner, Conjugal partner
3 Years
Dependent child under the age of 22 years after becoming a PR
10 Years or the day the child reaches 24 years of age, whichever comes first
Dependent child over the age of 22 years after becoming a PR
3 Years
Parent/Guardian and accompanying dependents
20 Years
Any other relative
10 Years
Low Income Cut-Off List
Size of Family Unit
Minimum Necessary Gross Income
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons
More than 7 persons, for reach additional person, add

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