Sponsorship Application Refusal

“Refusals are hurdles and hurdles are meant to be leapt”

  • Not all spousal sponsorship refusals are eligible for sponsorship appeal. Only sponsors who submitted an outland sponsorship application can appeal to IAD (immigration Appeal Division).
  • For inland spousal sponsorship refusals Appeal to IAD is not an option instead they can apply to seek leave for a Judicial review at the Federal court.
  • If allowed, sponsor has to file an appeal with IAD within 30 days of receiving the refusal.

There’s no right to appeal for a foreign national whose application for either a PR visa, TRV, Work Permit or Study permit has been refused. Instead, the applicant may seek leave for a judicial review at the Federal Court.

If you believe that the refusal was without a bona fide justification and discriminatory in nature, you have an option to file a complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act.

If you are in receipt of a refusal or planning to file in a fresh application, please allow us at, Avant-garde immigration to extend our professional help.

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