Provincial Nomination Programmes (PNP)

Provincial nomination programmes are one of the most untapped resources for immigrating to Canada mainly due to its complex nature of application. PNPs are the roads less travelled, but always keep in mind.
“The best view Comes after the hardest climb”


If you don’t have enough points to receive ITA under Express Entry or not eligible for any other immigration category, exploring PNPs may be a conducive option.

Where does the provinces get the power to nominate from?

The answer lies in section 95 of the Constitution Act, 1867 which makes a special provision for the federal and provincial governments to share power with respect to immigration.

IMMIGRATION AGREEMENTS: Section 8 of the IRPA provides that the minister, with the approval of the Cabinet, may enter into agreements with the provinces and territories. Each province has one or more such agreements in place, tailored to meet its specific economic, social, and labour-market needs and priorities. Bilateral agreements facilitate the exchange of information between the federal government and the provinces/territories during the development of immigration programs and policies.

How Provincial Nomination Programmes Operate:

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