Visiting Canada Temporarily

"Around 40 million temporary residents are welcomed by Canada each year. Unlike Permanent immigration, there is no cap on Temporary immigration. The government does not set quotas for the number of temporary residents they will be allowing to visit, study or work in Canada each year. Temporary immigration is equally beneficial to Canada’s economy as it is to tourists and residents of Canada."

Frontenac, Quebec City

If you wish to visit Canada temporarily you have to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or (eTA) Electronic Travel Authorisation depending on your country of Citizenship/Permanent Residence. Temporary visitors from most countries require to obtain a TRV before they show up on Canadian Port of Entries. If you are from a Visa Exempt country you still have to apply for an eTA before entering Canada.

Applicants outside Canada applying for a TRV have to submit their application to the visa office pertaining to the particular jurisdiction, electronically, through the IRCC portal.

Sometimes, temporary residents decide to extend their stay in Canada or wish to change their status to “student” or “worker.” If already in Canada, they may submit their application electronically, through the IRCC website, or they may submit it to a case processing centre (CPC).

** A Temporary Resident Visa or an eTA does not guarantee your entry into Canada, rather it depicts that the applicant meets the eligibility and admissibility requirements as a temporary resident. It’s the Officer at the Port of Entry who determines your entry into Canada **

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