LMIA Based Work Permit

In order to hire a foreign worker, a Canadian employer has to apply for an LMIA from ESCD (Employment and Social Development Canada). Upon carefully assessing the employer’s application for an LMIA, based on a number of factors, ESDC gives a positive, neutral or negative assessment. In the case of a positive assessment, ESDC provides a positive LMIA to the prospective employer, who then provides it, along with the employment contract, to the applicant to apply for a LMIA BASED WORK PERMIT.

LMIA is, more often than not, issued for a specific period of time, and any work permit issued will coincide with that period. Usually an LMIA based Work-Permit is issued for 1 year. To renew a work permit beyond the specified date is likely to require a new LMIA.

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