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Anuj verma, B.Sc, RCIC (R709373), accredited by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) also the Director and the Principal Consultant at Avant-garde Immigration and Citizenship Consultancy Services is a member in good standing with the Apex body. After completing the prescribed studies from CDI College Mississauga, Anuj was awarded with Diploma in Immigration Consultant Programme.

An immigrant himself, Anuj shifted his base to Canada with his wife a few years back with a lot of hope, hunger to do better and excitement, all packed into a few bags. Bachelor of science in Hotel and Hospitality Administration, he chose professional kitchens to become his home for more than a decade.

Working at some of the most elite kitchens (on land and water) in the world, in a very fast paced environment & for crazy long hours, his most cherished learning and the pivotal business strategy which eventually became the paving stone for the philosophy behind the dawn of Avant-Garde Immigration & Citizenship Consultancy Services Inc. is QUALITY IS REMEMBERED LONG AFTER THE PRICE IS FORGOTTEN.

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