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Founded by ANUJ VERMA, RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) R709373, also the Director and Principal Consultant and an immigrant himself, AVANT-GARDE immigration and Citizenship Consultancy Services INC. stands on the pillars of ingenuity, ambition and self-determination.
With the resources and knowledge base necessary to handle sophisticated Canadian immigration related concerns and the freedom to adapt dynamically to every client’s needs; we look forward to be of service to you and your family.
(the avant-garde)

  1. Advance guard /
    The foremost position in an army or fleet advancing into battle.
Well! Rest assured, we are not going into any battle but the philosophy behind the inception of the organization remains the same. WE WILL ALWAYS BE “ONE STEP AHEAD” and hence the befitting name.

Our Approach

We boost in our modernist modus-operandi which is a stark contrast to the orthodox assembly line approach. For us at Avant-garde immigration, we believe in, tailor made approach rather than one size fits all, as we understand that every client and their situation is unique.

Our Mission

Avant-garde immigration is all about bridging the gap between the inception of an idea of making Canada your new home and living the Canadian dream. We tirelessly strive to transform the fear of unknown into cheers of joy.

What We Do

We are an integrated Canadian immigration and Citizenship firm which, under one umbrella, offers a profusion of services pertaining to, anything and everything, immigration.

Our Story

Anuj verma, B.Sc, RCIC (R709373), accredited by ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) also the Director and the Principal Consultant at Avant-garde Immigration and Citizenship Consultancy Services is a member in good standing with the Apex body. After completing the prescribed studies from CDI College Mississauga, Anuj was awarded with Diploma in Immigration Consultant Programme.
An immigrant himself, Anuj shifted his base to Canada with his wife, a few years back. With a lot of hopes, hunger to do better and excitement, all packed into a few bags. Bachelor of science in Hotel and Hospitality Administration, he chose professional kitchens to become his home for more than a decade.
Working at some of the most elite kitchens (on land and water) in the world, in a very fast paced environment & for crazy long hours, his most cherished learning and the pivotal business strategy which eventually became the paving stone for the philosophy behind the dawn of Avant-Garde Immigration & Citizenship Consultancy Services Inc. is QUALITY IS REMEMBERED LONG AFTER THE PRICE IS FORGOTTEN.
Avant-Garde Immigration & Citizenship Consultancy Services Inc. is a Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Consultancy firm with its head office in Orangeville, Ontario. We represent clients regionally, nationally, and internationally, and our practice is equipped to handle uniquely challenging and complex immigration matters.
We pride ourselves on our creative and adaptable approach to represent clients. Our organizational structure puts our client’s matters in the hands of those who are best equipped to resolve them at every stage of the process.
If you require assistance with any immigration and Citizenship related matter, we are here for you to provide with an honest and ethical representation.

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